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FAQ: Citrix Secure Hub for Mobile Devices and MicroVPN Technology

How to setup Citrix

- A:Customers who want to deploy XenMobile for remote users and leverage MicroVPN technology must use the. MicroVPN Supported OS Version. Citrix XenMobile Device Manager. 10 Users can download additional applications through WorxStore. Example.ctx -ntDomain amc -clientlessVpnMode ON -clientlessModeUrlEncoding transparent -SecureBrowse enabled -storefronturl https.

XenMobile 10 (including configuring NetScaler)

- The XenMobile Server is, just like the old App Controller, an Unix appliance running on XenServer. I will show you to setup Citrix XenMobile 10 in a few steps, including the NetScaler configuration. XenMobile MDM provides role-based management, configuration and security of corporate- and user-owned devices. Configure, secure, and support mobile devices with MDM. For App Controller add vpn sessionAction XM-AppC-cvpn-Receiver-Prof -splitTunnel ON -transparentInterception ON -defaultAuthorizationAction allow -SSO ON -wihome https.

XenMobile, wikipedia Republished / wiki

- A micro -VPN avoids the need for a device-wide VPN that can compromise security. XenMobile also offers a micro app VPN for over-the-air data transmissions that fully encrypts and protects company data. XenMobile on-premises and XenMobile in the cloud deliver the same. "Citrix unveils new XenMobile features, including a security wrapper for Salesforce app". For more information on configuration utility changes in NetScaler.5, refer to Citrix Documentation Configuration Utility Changes.

15 5 In June 2013, Citrix launched the initial version of XenMobile. Secure Mobile web browser, secure document sharing, sync and editing. 6, it comprises email client, secureMail 7, that can be used to manage employee email, contacts and calendar, 4 a browser called SecureWeb 8,. 2 14 Citrix merged the existing MDM functionality of Zenprise with its own Citrix Cloud Gateway MAM software to create XenMobile. A : The following prerequisites are required to ensure MicroVPN works successfully with NetScaler Gateway: Ensure that you have NetScaler Gateway Universal licenses installed. XenMobile is software that provides mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM). Automatic Notifications (42 other apps compliance Management (84 other apps monitoring (93 other apps). Password Management (44 other apps policy Management (47 other apps real Time Monitoring (46 other apps). Retrieved b Nicole Perlroth (5 December 2015). XenMobile Server, netScaler Software Release, android, android.0 and later.x and later. The mobile device management (MDM) solution lets you: - Enforce password protection for the devices lock screen - Restrict corporate network access from jailbroken devices and blacklisted applications - Enable encryption for select applications and data at rest and in motionan. A : For iOS devices, when mobile users open a mobile application such as Secure Mail or Secure Web that requires corporate network access, you might see the following prompt: For Android devices, when launching Secure Mail or Secure. WorxDesktop, which allows access to remote files and applications, WorxNotes, an app for creating documents for notes, and WorxEdit for editing documents. Choose the Secure Hub Policy and navigate to Client Experience - Split Tunnel. Ensure that you set the NetScaler Gateway virtual server to SmartAccess mode. Contents, product overview edit. Retrieved b "Citrix is announcing XenMobile 10, which will finally unify MDM and MAM into a single server". Retrieved b c Jack Madden (6 December 2012). Ensure that you have set the network access to Tunneled to Internal Network for MDX-wrapped mobile apps. Categories, additional information for XenMobile, key features of XenMobile, secure email, web browsing and file sharing. Ensure that the DNS suffix is configured on the NetScaler Gateway appliance. XenMobile Server 10 or later, netScaler Gateway.5 build.9 or later iOS iOS 6 and later.x and later. Two-Factor Authentication (45 other apps user Management (43 other apps view all IT Security appsView all apps. For Intranet Applications, ensure that the interception used is transparent. This setting is available under mobile apps policies. XenMobile MDM edition provides key device-level security capabilities for users accessing XenApp and XenDesktop desktops and apps on mobile devices. Q:What is MicroVPN Reverse Split Tunnel mode?

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