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3 Inspection and certification process - nzta Vehicle Portal

- Transport Agency VPN passwords now expire every three months. If you connect to WoF online through the VPN, you ll need to know when and how to change your password. Takata Alpha airbags will be a fail item in 2020. You can use this link if youre due to renew your rego(external link). Takata Alpha airbags recall - update The compulsory recall period for Takata Alpha airbags ended on 31 December 2019 but these airbags are still under recall.

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- The inspection details must be entered into the WoF Online system on the day of inspection in either: a) express mode, b) pass re-check mode (use this where a vehicle is failed, repaired then passes a WoF inspection without leaving the inspecting organisation site. This mode will record a fail and a pass in one transaction. Now you can access the nzta WoF online system over any high-speed Internet connection you choose, Plus keep you in touch with your customers with our fully automated WoF reminder service. Virm update: structural integrity after hail damage 10 December 2019, a small clarification to the structure sections of the virm: In-service certification (WoF and CoF) regarding hail damage and vehicles structural integrity particularly around the A-pillars and Cant rails has been issued. WoF vouchers to be discontinued 3 September 2019, the NZ Transport Agency will no longer be issuing WoF recheck vouchers for customers of suspended vehicle inspectors and inspecting organisations. 2 December 2019 virm amendment now live 2 December 2019, the 2 December 2019 in-service and entry virm amendments are now in effect.

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- Reminders can be sent via post, e-mail or a text message, all without you having to lift a finger. Find out about ordering labels and forms. User guide and Quick reference guide. Take THE exam NOW. Scam alert: vehicle licence (rego) renewal emails. If your email doesnt include your specific vehicle details, or you think theres anything suspicious or incorrect, do not complete the online renewal transaction the email links you.

Is important to complete this simulation test as Every ONE-OFF simulation exam will be recorded into your. This newsletter replaces WoF news and CoF news and is aimed at all vehicle inspectors and certifiers including WoF, CoF, entry, repair and heavy vehicle specialist certifiers. This online WOF simulation test with answers consists of 28 questions in multiple-choice formats to be completed in 45 minutes. It gives you ONE-OFF access to complete the Simulation Test Exam, after the test has been submitted the test expires, if you wish to set the Simulation test again you'll have to purchase the Simulation Test exam again. Read more to find out about the changes. View our media release for more information. Print ordering has now changed to Blue Star, you can no longer order forms and labels through Wickliffe and must now order through the new Blue Star publications portal. It is aimed to cover the virm and tests your knowledge of testing. If you think youve received a scam email, or youre unsure about anything, please call. This registration must be carried out by the person in your organisation delegated to be the administrator for the NZ Transport Agency online services. Inspection news issue 2 out now! Click the headline to read more. If you connect to WoF online through the VPN, you'll need to know when and how to change your password. Takata Alpha airbags now being ban-flagged 25 February 2020, ban-flags are being applied to vehicles still under compulsory recall for Takata Alpha airbags. You'll get the question from, introduction, General Vehicles and, general Trailers in every ONE-OFF  simulation testing. Inspection news 3 out now 18 December 2019, vIRM amendments, Structural integrity after hail damage, Takata alpha airbags update and more. Nzta urging owners to get their vehicles re-checked, the NZ Transport Agency has extended the expiry date of all unused vouchers provided to the owners of vehicles previously inspected by suspended WoF providers, and is strongly encouraging them. Benefits of purchasing this new tool, sit your simulation test before you decide to start your  training. If your organisation has not previously used our online services, select the 'Request access' button to register your organisation. Virtual private network password expiries Transport Agency VPN passwords now expire every three months. You wont be able to enter WoF details for ban-flagged vehicles. If youve recently received an email asking you to renew your rego, please check the email details carefully.

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