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Per App VPN with XenMobile and Citrix VPN Citrix Blogs

VPN device policy - Citrix Docs

- Once you device to which application you want to enable pre-app vpn on the iOS device, you will need to manage it in the XenMobile server. Upload the Cisco AnyConnect client from m/us/app/cisco-anyconnect/id, add the app to XenMobile, and then. With the iOS per app-VPN feature, you can leverage the VPN profile in conjunction with the Citrix VPN app on a XenMobile-managed iOS device. Under the Add a New Policy pane, expand More and Click on APP Attributes. For illustration purposes, I will use GoToMeeting as the application that needs access to enterprise network. Under VPN Policy, Select the iOS Platform, In the right hand side pane provide the Policy Name and click Next.

FAQ: XenMobile Per App VPN - Support Services - Citrix

- With the recent updated version of XenMobile.x Server, we now have support for Citrix VPN Mobile application on Android(Non-AfW) devices. This article contains frequently asked questions about MicroVPN with XenMobile App or Enterprise editions and NetScaler Gateway deployments. Q: What are the. A : For iOS devices, when mobile users open a mobile application such as Secure Mail or Secure Web that requires corporate network access, you might see the following prompt: For Android devices, when launching Secure Mail or Secure. Usually, Secure Hub client starts the MicroVPN connection when end-users open a mobile app such as Secure Mail or Secure Web, that requires corporate network access. Example.ctx :8443 " -ntDomain amc -clientlessVpnMode ON -clientlessModeUrlEncoding transparent -SecureBrowse enabled -storefronturl https.

Per App VPN with XenMobile and Citrix VPN Client for Android

- FAQ: Difference between XenMobile Secure Browse and Full VPN Tunnel. Article How To / General QuestionConfigurationCustomer Service. XenMobile creates a micro VPN from the apps on the device to Citrix Gateway. Please see the screenshot: You can still configure both clients with XenMobile using VPN Device Policies: For the, legacy Any Connect : our Product team is aware of the situation and the graphic interface element that currently shows Cisco AnyConnect. Q: Is Intranet IP addresses of the NetScaler Gateway supported with MicroVPN? Identity credential select the policy credentials policy that you have created in the step.

Define a credentials provider policy on the XenMobile server. MicroVPN Reverse split tunnel mode is a configuration which supports an exclusion list of IP addresses which would not be tunnelled to the NetScaler but would be sent out using the local area network (LAN) of the device. Ensure that you have enabled Secure Browse. Here, we will define a session policy which will be used to allow/route the traffic from Citrix VPN app to NetScaler Gateway. Example.ctx Q: How do I enable MicroVPN on Mobile Apps? Requirements: Credentialed access to a Citrix NetScaler Gateway installation with release.5 or later. The following matrix lists the recommended versions of the various components: Mobile Platform, microVPN Supported OS Version, citrix Secure Hub. Step 6: Configure NetScaler to accept the traffic from Citrix VPN app. In the admin console, navigate to Configure Device Policies and click on Add. In this scenario, the Exclusion range is based on IP address ranges, for which traffic must be sent out on the local area network (LAN) of the device and would not be sent to the NetScaler. This setting is available under mobile apps policies: Q: Is Split Tunneling in NetScaler Gateway supported with MicroVPN? XenMobile Server, netScaler Software Release, android, android.0 and later.x and later. Last June 9 2017, Cisco announced the transition from the. Once the managed application is installed, you will see same under PER-APP VPN settings on the device. Step 2: Configure MDX Policy XenMobile.3.5 or later introduces a new MDX policy titled "Reverse Split Tunnel Mode Exclusion List. In the same page, now click on Security tab and check Override Global check box for Default Authorization Action and set it to allow from the drop down. Note : Make sure you only have iPhone and iPad selected, as this is specific to iOS devices. Search for GoToMeeting from the public app store, select the GoToMeeting application, verify/modify the name and Description, set the. Note : Previous releases of XenMobile App Controller (such.0.7) also support MicroVPN. This setting is available under mobile apps policies. Step 2: Configuring an App Inventory Policy Here, we will define App Inventory policy which will get the list of apps and their app ids installed on the device, Once the device manager has the app ids. Whenever users try to access the GoToMeeting application from the mobile device, per-app VPN policy will kick in and prompt the user to enter their credentials to establish a VPN connection. Under VPN Vserver page, click Done and Save the settings on NetScaler. Force app to be managed flag to, oN and click, next. Configure Apps and click on, add. Login to XenMobile server, post login navigate. A : It is an on-demand application VPN connection that is initiated by Secure Hub on mobile devices to access corporate network sites or resources.

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