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VPN privacy policies decoded: WiTopia, iVPN Blog

WiTopia reviews: Best Private, vPN, service Reviews

- VPN privacy policies decoded: WiTopia. WiTopia is a popular, vPN service, which provides a wide-range of servers across Asia, Europe and the Americas. WiTopia has a very well-written and comprehensive policy. HideMyAss and, to a lesser extent, StrongVPN. For what amounts to about eight cents a day, SecureMyWiFi can improve your wireless security over that provided by either WEP or WPA-PSK not only by securely encrypting your traffic but by authenticating users as well. So it won't provide much in the way of instant gratification if you have a problem.

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- Witopia is most affordable service and I pay the fees from my own pocket. I have used the. Witopia, vPN via pptp on a Mac for a year in China. 10- Before you sign on, read their fine prints which often made with ambiguity. WiTopia has verified the compatibility of several wlan products like the Apple AirPort Express, Linksys WRT54G and WAP54G, and Proxim AP-4000 and AP-700, all of which are available for sale, pre-configured, at WiTopia's site.

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- The following is my experience for the 4 days I was using. Witopia : 1 They limit concurrent connections to only. VPN services include Anonymizer, GhostSurf, XeroBank, HotSpotVPN, WiTopia, VPN, swiss, Steganos, Hamachi LogMeIn, Relakks, Skydur, iPig, t, FindNot, Dold, UnblockVPN and SecureIX. For more privacy guides and our criteria for reviewing them, click here. Pricing So what does SecureMyWiFi cost?

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- Worse than the Great Firewall? Witopia s servers will be downloading and sending out copyrighted stuff on an industrial scale, and that s probably not something you can get away with any more. Let us know how you get on with strongvpn and the refund from witopia. They want your recorded voice as a form of payment verification. A pow-wow with WiTopia personnel pointed out the problem: my particular Linksys router model.

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- In fourth was the winner of the previous poll. Witopia, with over15 of the votes cast. VPN, service Provider: Astrill, vPN. I sent them back an email told them if their true purpose is verification I have indicated all these requested info with this email. WiTopia also doesnt say what will happen if laws in its jurisdiction change, although it does appear to suggest it will comply with law enforcement if they request data. Setup and Configuration, signing up for the SecureMyWiFi service is a simple task.

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- While trying different companies, I like. Crucially, a, vPN works more at the operating system level than the application level. The steps will vary slightly depending on the make and model of your hardware, but it essentially involves enabling WPA Enterprise authentication/encryption, inputting the 32-character shared secret (used to encrypt data and telling the access point where to find the SecureMyWiFi servers. When it comes to logging data WiTopia says it does not monitor, record or store the content of a customers internet activities. Remember that WPA-Enterprise is not the same thing as WPA-Pre Shared Key (WPA-PSK, or WPA-Home which uses a passphrase-generated key to encrypt wireless traffic.

WiTopia says it plans in the future to list on its site hardware that has been confirmed to work or not work, which will help. 5- After using them for 4 days, they suspended my account, stating that pending payment verification, while they already took the money out of my account. But when it comes to a service that sells itself on protecting user privacy and data, you would expect it would stick to its values and keep data sharing to a bare minimum. But who are they? At the momentgiven the sheer variety of wlan hardware available there's unfortunately no ironclad way to know whether a given piece of hardware (excepting those currently sold by WiTopia) will work with SecureMyWiFi, until you try. As long as you don't mind tinkering, The Dude is a decent network utility that should be worth the download. Author: Joe Moran, review Date: 6/28/2005, price: 29 per year (provides one secure access point and five user accounts). Iomega's fourth generation StorCenter Network Hard Drive brings many of the features found in higher-end storage devices down to an attractive price. To sum up, wiTopia has a very well-written policy that gets straight to the point. WiTopia provides a link to a lookup tool hosted at the WiFi Alliance Web site, or you can access the database directly at p?TID2. According to WiTopia, it turns out that the WRV54G does not output the proper radius data, which prevents authentication. This felt awkward since they wouldnt say why they want to use this method. WiTopias section on, dMCA takedowns doesnt really say how a users privacy will be affected. The main reason for this 30 day data retention could likely be to track down and identify users if they break terms and agreements. 8- Their client software is very primitive comparing to other vpn provider. MAC addresses from your AP hardware. Then, all of the sudden it worked after that 2 / 3hours period. That will probably be the case for many, but if my initial experience was any indication, there may be unexpected pitfalls encountered depending on what hardware is used. When you click the link, you're also asked to provide the manufacturer and model of your. A business-oriented version with higher user capacities is also planned. You have to log out, choose another server, then log back. So what does its privacy policy look like? Possible Problems WiTopia positions SecureMyWiFi as being quick and easy to set up, even for non-technical users.

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