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FAQ: XenMobile Per App VPN

Per App VPN with XenMobile and Citrix VPN Client for Android

- Can, per, app, vPN be configured for MAM only devices No, Per, app, vPN does not support MAM only devices. With the iOS per app, vPN feature, you can leverage the. VPN profile in conjunction with the Citrix. Check that blog post here. Feel free to contact me of you have any questions or comments. Enter the corresponding netmask and click on Done.

Per-App VPN - Unable to render video on https Intranet Site - XenMobile.x - Discussions

- VPN app on a XenMobile-managed iOS device. With the recent updated version of XenMobile.x Server, we now have support for Citrix. VPN, mobile application on Android(Non-AfW) devices. Enable per-app VPN flag: Select whether to enable per-app VPN. Header User-Agent contains CitrixReceiver/NSGiOSplugin). Click on Subnet IP Address.

XenMobile 10 MDM Full-VPN vs Per-App VPN - XenMobile.x - Discussions

- Using this app device will establish connection to internal resources in full. Good Afternoon Experts, So we are testing. Per, app, vPN in my customers Secure Intranet Website. After the license file is uploaded the NetScaler needs to reboot to activate the license file and the corresponding features. Enter the credentials as prompted. Login in to NetScaler using your browser and scroll down in the left column and click on XenMobile.

XenMobile Integration with Microsoft EMS/ Intune

- Per, app, vPN on the Safari browser. When I log into their intranet site and play a video, the video will not play. When I turn on Full. Login to the XMS server. After the NetScaler has rebooted login with nsroot username and password.

Citrix Endpoint Management integration with Microsoft Intune/EMS

- VPN, the video plays as expected. Has anyone run into this. Good Morning, I was wondering if there is a difference, connectivity wise, between using. Make sure that the options Access trough Citrix Gateway and Load Balance XenMobile Servers are checked. Fill in the IP address and click on Add. In following posts, I will show you how to enroll devices using XenMobile.

Configuring and Delivering Salesforce as a managed application to XenMobile Users with

- Per, app, vPN and Full, vPN. I have a customer who has a website that has an http site, and after the authentication and ticket is issued, the protocol switches to websocket. When analyzing the connectivity. I have a customer who has a website that has an http site, and after the authentication and ticket is issued, the protocol switches to websocket. . This concludes this blog post. Start Citrix XenCenter and click.

Also set the IP address you will be using for the Load Balancer. Select the network interface you will use to let the NetScaler appliance communicate on the network. Launch Citrix VPN Tap on Allow (This is a one time prompt by the VPN client) The XenMobile VPN policy details is added to the Citrix VPN client. I am using for my nsip. Next step is to configure DNS IP Address, host name and Time Zone. I will make a list for you. If you enable per-app VPN, specify the following settings. Click now on Load Balance XenMobile Servers. Under the VPN Vserver page, scroll down to Policies section and click on Session Policies. I choose Enable but you can skip this of course. Specify the IP address for XenMobile Server. Lets start by importing the virtual Citrix NetScaler on XenServer. In the same page, now click on Published Applications tab and check Override Global check box for ICA Proxy and set it to OFF from the drop down and click Create. Tap on XenMobile (VPN config) under managed connections. I do not want to push this app on all devices since only a couple of users need it? The initial configuration will automatically start, and you will be prompted to opt-in for the Citrix User Experience Improvement Program. This is because the NetScaler is always placed behind a firewall which does all the NAT stuff to map external IP to internal. IP address, netScaler IP, subnet IP, xenMobile Gateway Virtual IP, xenMobile Gateway Virtual IP for MAM, xenMobile Gateway Virtual IP for MDM. For my blog I will use the XenMobile wizard which is supplied with NetScaler. I have Citrix XenServer running so I downloaded the appliance for XenServer. In the VPX the license file is linked to the mac address the virtual network interface. Click Add and then type a comma-separated list of app package names. Fill in the same fqdn here that you used when setting up XenMobile according to my post here. Configure Licenses The next step is to configure licenses. Leave your browser window open.

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